Love is not energy

Love is not a positive energy

Love is not a positive energy

Unlike what many people think, Love is not energy and it is not related to energy at all, not only love but all the other humans’ feelings cannot be .considered as positive or negative energy because of a simple logic behind that. Love, hate, and other feelings are not countable No one can measure the amount of love or hate in a kind of accurate way, there is no instrument to measure the passion of human

On the other hand, energy is countable we have different types of energy, but they all have one thing in common,  and that is “mass” without mass or material we cannot consider energy at all. We have it in all energy formulas however some people may just confuse it with feeling, yes have positive and negative feelings but when it comes to energy, I’m afraid I do not agree with that. Some people think that Molana Jalaluddin Mohammad  Balkhi known as Rumi believed in energy which sounds ridiculous because eight hundred years ago energy was not discovered. In the following video, I tried to talk about this in details

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