MuganBank is Fraud

MuganBank is Fraud

MuganBank is Fraud

 I just wrote a Persian article about Mugan Bank Fraudulent activities in Iran. Now I think it is the time to write a few words in English so the whole world will understand how the banks in countries who just came out of the Soviet Union is making ill-gotten asset to be rich.

MuganBank of Azerbaijan Violations

MuganBank is helping Iran turn around the sanctions imposed by the United States Administration. Not only they work with some groups of Iranians inside Iran, but they also try to get the most possible money from poor Iranian people who need to have trade with the other countries in the world.

MuganBank threatening of Account Clouser

No bank in the world has permission to close the account of the customer without the customer request. But MuganBank threatens the customers that it will close the bank accounts if they do not renew the bank cards. For renewing the visa cards or Mastercard, they ask 200 euros. Yes! 200 euros for two years. And they do not tell you that the price of renewing a new card when the previous one is expired is just a few bucks, then say you have to contact our Iranian partner. On the other hand, they arrange everything with their Iranian allies.

I tried to communicate with them via phone and email but they kept saying the same thing. Now, I want to put them trial via International Word Bank which is located in the Washington DC, IFC which is International Finance Corporation can also take care of these kinds of corruption with the banks all across the world.

I hope MuganBank in Azerbaijan specially Veraj Branch understands that I follow the Interests of my Iranian fellow citizens and I won’t let them be more charlatan than this.

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