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I still dream about you


I still dream about you and it happened again last night. I dreamed about you again. You were alive beside me. I saw how I said occupy me and you said I am not a Good to be occupied. I saw how I hit your shoe back in the cemetery and some secret words were passed among us. I still see all those traitors in my dreams I still feel how they squabble and flatter and deceive and I still see that I still love you so.

Yes, I still dream that you are about to cross the bridge and my heartbeat goes fast ! and Yes, even in that time while I’m slept in my bed my heartbeat goes fast again.

I still dream about Judas treas, and when I wake up I see that all Judas trees have gone red, As if they are sucking my blood out of my vessels injecting it to the leaves. And yes, in my dictionary, Love is defined as bleeding to the last drop of blood !

I know the meaning of death, and I do believe in the after life. As I see in my dreams, in the afterlife you will be there, to make organic jelly for me. I know it is not gonna happen in this life anymore. Just like the first day, there is no other branch on the tree to be pushed up for you. But it’s said that in paradise there are lots of trees, I hope they have branches and I push a branch up so that you can lurk under the branch and reach toward me. I know how to murmur this pain to God.


He is aware of everything !

Araspus Kazemian

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