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I’m tired of being strong !

Obama Crying

Why am I writing this post in English? Maybe I want fewer people to understand it, perhaps I would write it in Chinese or Japanese if I knew the language. There is a confession behind this post. It's not a shameful confession. But strong people do not want everybody to realize they have their own weaknesses too.  When I was …

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Why psychology isn’t science

Psychologist Timothy D. Wilson, a professor at the University of Virginia, expressed resentment in his Times Op-Ed article on Thursday over the fact that most scientists don't consider his field a real science. He casts scientists as condescending bullies: "Once, during a meeting at my university, a biologist mentioned that he was the only faculty member present from a science department. When …

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I’m looking to file a lawsuit against Google

Now that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA has finished successfully. I think it is the time to file a lawsuit against Google. On 2004, Google recruited me in the Marketing Department, although I was living in Iran in those days and the United States Government never allowed any company in those years to have any cooperation with Iran. But …

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