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Why psychology isn’t science

Psychologist Timothy D. Wilson, a professor at the University of Virginia, expressed resentment in his Times Op-Ed article on Thursday over the fact that most scientists don't consider his field a real science. He casts scientists as condescending bullies: "Once, during a meeting at my university, a biologist mentioned that he was the only faculty member present from a science department. When …

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I’m looking to file a lawsuit against Google

Now that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA has finished successfully. I think it is the time to file a lawsuit against Google. On 2004, Google recruited me in the Marketing Department, although I was living in Iran in those days and the United States Government never allowed any company in those years to have any cooperation with Iran. But …

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سخنی با علی

ای علی من در سالهای گذشته دریافته بودم که شیعه تو بودن بس دشوار است. سالها گذشت بر من، بیش از پنج سال ، قرار بود تحقیق کنم شیعه تو شوم، شیعه ارثی بودن را دوست نمیداشتم، چرا چون پدرم شیعه بوده است باید شیعه تو باشم در حالی که تو را نمیشناختم. هر چه شناختم از تو ، بیشتر …

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